“Smart City Network” 

Membership includes access to knowledge sharing, networking, and other core services for pre-MVP entrepreneurs and mature corporations, without the need for residency.

“City Collaborators” 

Residents access include shared space; intended for (but not limited to) Smart City, IoT (Internet of Things), ICT (Information Communication Technologies), and Big Data entrepreneurs.

“Accelerator Cohorts” 

The program is an intensive, short-to-medium term collection of customized services to commercialize MVP and early-growth companies and products towards a successful rapid growth.

Membership Cost

Corporate Access – $50/month

Start-up Access – $25/month

Residency Cost

Hot Desk 80 – $100/month, 80 hrs/month access

Hot Desk Unlimited – $200/month, unlimited access

Personal Desk – $300/month, unlimited access

Program Cost

Personal Desk* – $300/month, unlimited access

Private Office* – pricing based on logistics

Qualified Accelerator residents may have opportunity to enter the program at no cost pending third-party community funding

Membership Benefits

  • Intranet services
  • Partner resource access:
    1. Fanshawe Device Lab
    2. TechAlliance MVP & business support
    3. Small Business Centre supports
    4. Other testing and production environments
  • Mentorship Network
  • Gen.Digital Market Team support
  • Pitch prep sessions (learning modules)
  • Startup Camps (learning modules)
  • Access to VC & investor network
  • Complement equity stake and fee-for-service model into a hybrid financial return and investment opportunity

Residency Benefits

  • Per-use copier, fax, and mailing services
  • Mailing address and secure mailbox
  • High-speed fibre-optic Internet service
  • Conference room
  • Digital projector and screen
  • Phone booth
  • Hot desk space
  • Personal desk with secure file cabinet
  • Resident-only networking events

Program Benefits

  • Private and collaborative office space
  • Two-week “Bootcamp” to prepare for residency
  • Customized “wraparound” services
  • Dedicated mentorship
  • Guiding entrepreneurs along their unique path
  • Informed decision-making
  • Mentors and advisors (industry/start-up)
  • Invitation-only pitch events
  • Student placements (TBD)
  • Exclusive networking and educational events
  • Workshops, business seminars (insight)
  • Topics vary, depending on residents’ needs
  • Opportunity to access deals for professional services
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