The London Institute’s Smart City Lab is a place where the power of technology is harnessed through effective policy-making and proper execution. The lab is a collaborative, community-powered space targeted at the creative industries in Southwestern Ontario. This space acts as an urban technology incubator and accelerator for high-growth smart city companies by providing customized support and facilitated concierge services.

The core values of the Smart City Lab are woven into both the programming and the physical design of the space itself. The Lab actively creates a highly collaborative environment as a means of fostering a strong community of technology entrepreneurs and corporate residents. It is imperative that all residents and partners are able to rely upon each other, and by example inspire our community-at-large to work together to build a prosperous city.

London is known as a “Tester City”, an ideal urban centre for introducing city technologies. Simply put, London’s size, population and location make it a prime testing market. The goal is for London to be a “test bed” of urban innovation, drive breakthroughs, and create proven technology solutions that can be commercialized, scaled quickly and replicated in other cities. The Smart City Lab will be at the forefront of discovering creative ways to use technology to transform city challenges into actionable opportunities.

When a business or an individual innovator is struggling with a challenge, it often takes a whole community working together to help find a solution. Our vision for the lab environment is a blend of co-mentoring, co-learning and co-operation that brings new minds to a range of problems. The expectation, of course, is that problem identifiers and problem solvers will often be asked to switch roles…

At the London Institute, we have successfully fostered and systemized an internal culture of synergistic collaboration and stable cohesion. Cities are facing so many large-scale challenges that require large-scale solutions with combined efforts of the most influential, the brightest, and the most engaging organizations. Deep cross-sector collaborations and multidisciplinary approaches allow us to leverage resources, creativity and integrate technology, data and information to make cities such as London stronger, safer, healthier and more resilient.

The lab is designed as an accessible, flexible, and relationship-driven space built on ideas and people. The space may change and the people may be both residents and guests, but the ideas, values, and philosophies will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our region’s smart city entrepreneurs and innovators.

London Institute’s Smart City Lab will help municipalities rethink how they can grow and remain attractive while facing the challenges of the 21st century.

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